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Cooking Oil
Buy from us mustard oil, sunflower oil, rice bran oil and other cooking oils for baking, cooking, deep frying and stir frying. The oils of top brands are available, just get in touch with us for placing an order.
Personal Hygiene
Personal hygiene is important in every aspect of human existence. Some of the most common products that are needed by every person are soap, powder and hair oil. Our company supplies these products of different brands.
Atta & Other Flour
Amitmaji Enterprise is known for selling different kinds of atta flour. These flours have different flavors, textures and nutrition content. Customers are free to buy any kind of their choice.
Detergent Powder
The laundry detergent can be availed in different brands. Those considering which one is better, can select any brand, because all of them are effective in removing dirt and stains.
Oral Care
What you eat or drink might not be good for your teeth health, but the least you can do to prevent dental diseases is brush your teeth. Dabur comes up with all tooth paste and powder, made from natural herbs.
Cleaning Product
Get cleaning products for regular cleaning of utensils, toilet and laundry, at affordable price. These products are basic needs one has to fulfill to keep the surroundings clean and smell great.
Basmati Rice
Select aromatic basmati rice over any other rice available in the market. The long and slender rice grains elongate upon cooking and the rice quantity cooked gets doubled. The grains do not split and stick after cooking.
Masala Powder
Get your hands on perfect masala powder for cooking several Indian dishes, like curries, dal preparation and vegetables. The brand we provide in this category is “Everest”. We aim to add more brands in our portfolio.
Masoor Dal
Masoor dal is one of the lentils Indians include in their meal to fulfill both, dietary and nutritional requirements. The preparation of this dal is simple and why everyone just love is dal is because of its taste.
White sugar is an essential ingredient that can be found in every kitchen. From sweetening tea or coffee to making sweet delicacies, sugar is added into a number of foods, desserts and beverages.
Mosquito Killer
To many, summers means heat, sweat and mosquitoes. There are many ways to get rid of mosquitoes from your office or home, the most effective one is using mosquito killer.
Naphthalene Ball
Naphthalene balls are used as pest repellent and an insecticides in homes. These small, white balls are used especially to preserve woolen clothes. These balls keep the clothes safe from fabric-eating insects.